Andrea Holt & Rhonda Wells

Andrea Holt & Rhonda Wells

Andrea Holt & Rhonda Wells make a great pair in the White Stone office & use their combined knowledge of the area to better help their customers.

In 1996, Andrea Holt moved with her family from Northern Virginia to the Middle Peninsula. She and her husband purchased a marina in Deltaville, and in spite of being suburbanites all their lives, they sold their home and headed to the country. Andrea believes that a good part of her duty in representing her clients starts with a broad overview of the area and the nuances that come with living in the country and on the water. She spends time introducing her clients to their areas of interest so that they can understand the topography, proximity to towns, and the various bodies of water. Andrea says it’s an area that is easy to love – rich in history and unexpectedly remote for an area tucked between several metropolises.

Andrea has been with IsaBell K. Horsley Real Estate since November 2013.

Rhonda is an experienced broker, licensed for over 30 years.  Richmond native, Rhonda moved to the Northern Neck & Middle Peninsula areas over 10 years ago.  Rhonda is an expert in theses areas and loves working with buyers and sellers.  She resides in White Stone with husband and puppy on Tabbs Creek.  She enjoys the lifestyle she loves to sell!

Currently there are no active listings assigned to Andrea Holt & Rhonda Wells.