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Ann Marchetti Keller

Ann Marchetti Keller

Ann Marchetti Keller, a Richmond Native, has strong family ties to the Northern Neck. She grew up visiting the Northern Neck on weekends, and spending time with her family on Carters Creek and Antipoison Creek. She has always loved the small town feel and was eager to start a life here after college. Ann graduated from Clemson University in 2016 with a major in marketing and made the Northern Neck her permanent residence soon after finishing school. She worked at the Bank of Lancaster (VCB) for two years before jumping into real estate. She loved working at the Bank of Lancaster as her first real job after college. There was a great sense of community at the local bank and it was a great introduction to living in the Northern Neck full time. She worked with children at the School Bank in Lancaster Middle School, as well as with seniors in their Golden Advantage Program. She was even able to travel to Iceland for twelve days with the bank’s Golden Advantage Group. Deep down she always had a fascination with real estate, having always been around her family-owned Marchetti Properties in Richmond, which dealt with commercial real estate. Ann achieved her real estate license in the summer of 2018 and was eager to jump right in and learn all about the residential side of real estate.  Ann started working with the Horsley firm in July 2018 and works closely with David and Katie Horsley Dew.  Ann helps with the marketing, showings, and much more.

Ann married Micah Keller, an Urbanna native, in September 2019. They reside in Weems on Carters Creek with their dog Sandy.  

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