Peggy O’Neill

Peggy O’Neill

Peggy O’Neill is a professional real estate agent with over ten years experience and specializes in marketing and is a transaction coordinator.  She enthusiastically supports the portfolios of Neena Rodgers, The Chesapeake Bay Group, and IsaBell K. Horsley Real Estate, Ltd.  Prior to coming onboard with IsaBell K. Horsley’s Deltaville office, Peggy spent 20 years as a risk management professional in Norfolk, VA and Baltimore, MD.

Peggy is a graduate of Old Dominion University in Norfolk and has spent over 40 years living in the Tidewater and Middle Peninsula areas. As a Realtor and technical support, Peggy plays an integral part in the website development, marketing, advertising, transaction management, and training for Horsley’s Deltaville office and the Chesapeake Bay Group. Committed to a platinum standard of excellence in client relationships and service, Peggy is focused on operations and is involved in all facets of the real estate transaction for the group to ensure a smooth, trouble free real estate closing.

Peggy O’Neill has extraordinary local knowledge with emphasis on waterways and accessibility and lives a cruising lifestyle along with her husband, Terry on their Nordic tug trawler.

Currently there are no active listings assigned to Peggy O’Neill.