A Day of Showing October 15, 2015 @ 6:57 am

A Day of Showing

Published on October 15, 2015 @ 6:57 am

You have chosen the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula as two areas you would like to explore to find a home. This is how a day of showing might work in our area.

An average full time Realtor may put over 40,000 miles per year on a car a year just in listing and showing property. That’s a lot of gas, tires and driving, but our territories are widespread. For instance, lets say you are in love with historic homes and don’t really mind a broad spectrum of area. We might start in Gloucester looking at some fabulous waterfront homes on the Mobjack Bay, then go to Mathews on the North River, then head to Deltaville and see that one you liked on Fishing Bay, and then go to Lancaster County where there were four properties from White Stone to Weems, and then one last property on Indian Creek in Northumberland. Sounds like a busy day, and no, not all days are that intense, but depending on your knowledge of the area, your home criteria, and wide range of counties, we could easily do 100 miles in a day.

Depending on your time available, you can always break up showings into a few days. With so much inventory on the market in all our areas, here are some recommendations for a day of property hunting: bring a camera, bottle of water, and maybe a snack. At Horsley, we know that viewing many properties can be overwhelming, so it is a good idea to keep track of the pros and cons of each one on your electronic device or a note pad.  We also recommend going back another day to the properties you were most interested in from the first showing.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the areas you are being shown. Take a map with you, take notes as your agent shows you the area, research the areas and explore on the internet. Visit some of the shops, or pick up a local paper or magazine. The more you know, the more comfortable you will feel. Moving, even to a weekend home, can be daunting, so make sure you do a little homework. Your Horsley agent will be happy to provide you with any resources available.

Your property search could be done in one day, or it could take months, depending on your criteria and time frame. Don’t get discouraged by not finding the right property the first time. One of our favorite stories is Mr. and Mrs. X wanted to buy an old farmhouse on the water. After a few long days of showing, they could not find the right home with the right view and they became discouraged. The agent, hearing their concerns said, “Let me show you one more listing.” He showed them a gorgeous waterfront lot in the area they loved. They had said they wanted a historic farmhouse and that was the only thing they must really have. When they got out of the car, they looked at this beautiful lot and back at each other and said, “We can build an old house.” And they did! They built a fabulous “new” yet historic-looking farmhouse. Don’t worry, Horsley agents listen to everything you say to find you the perfect fit.

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