Essex County

Essex County

Essex County stretches along the shores of the Rappahannock River and covers 286 square miles. The current population is approximately 11,000. Ideally located just 45 miles from Richmond and 100 miles from Washington D.C., it’s about an hour’s drive from Williamsburg or Fredericksburg. Established in 1692, Essex is named for the English county of Essex. With Tappahannock being the county seat and the only large town, the remainder of the county is a land of pastoral rural beauty.

Tappahannock began as a 17th century port settlement, and today it offers a variety of shopping, dining, lodging, medical care, and consumer services. The Historical Walking Tour of Tappahannock showcases a number of 17th-19th century buildings. St. Margaret’s School, a private girls’ school on the Rappahannock River, has been educating young ladies since 1921.  Riverfest is an annual event, with arts and crafts, food, displays, and entertainment. Hobbs Hole Golf Course is nearby.  Tappahannock has Riverside Hospital for all your medical needs.

The Rappahannock River is the crown jewel of Essex, with miles of waterfrontage, lovely beaches, year-round and vacation homes, river cruises, and great boating and fishing.

Areas in Gloucester: Tappahannock, Bowler’s Wharf, Center Cross, Champlain, Dunnsville, Miller’s Tavern

Bodies of Water: Rappahannock River, Hoskins Creek, Mount Landing Creek, Occupacia Creek, Piscataway Creek