For Buyers

For Buyers

Looking for the perfect property? The Horsley Real Estate team is eager to help you start your search and find the perfect oasis for you. Here are some steps on how to get started.

Our website is designed to easily help you navigate as a one-stop shop. By clicking on Our Listings, you can scroll through only Horsley Listings from highest to lowest in price. You can filter through price, counties, type of property, status of the listing, or by selecting a Horsley agent. The next way to search is through our IDX feed that will bring you up to the newest listings posted on the Multiple Listing Service page. Here you can explore two MLS systems and have up to date information on all the listings provided in our Northern Neck or Middle Peninsula regions.

Once your interest has been peeked and you would like to really get in some of these properties or learn even more on them, call a Horsley Office or a Horsley agent. We can help navigate you to some perfect selections to view in person.

Now you have picked your dream property out, what is the next step? Your Horsley agent of choice will make this as easy as possible. We will write up an offer with the terms discussed, present offers to clients or other agents and fight to make sure you get the best deal for your home or property. We know this is the largest monetary decisions that most households will make and we are here to get you the best deal possible.

An ‘Escrow check’ will be placed into the correct account within 5 days of ratification and held there until closing that will be towards the purchase price of the property.

The next steps of either having proper funds and/or getting a loan with a bank you trust, Horsley has ample recourses to help. We can also help with a trustworthy closing attorney or closing title office. If the property is in a Home Owners Association or Condominium/Townhome association, the proper documents will be gotten from your Horsley agent to you within the contract specific timeframe.

Depending on the terms of your contract, most homes will have a ‘Home Inspection Addendum’ stating within a certain amount of time, a home inspector will be going out to the property for a thorough inspection. Your Horsley agent can provide you with some excellent choices of home inspectors. After the home inspection, you and your agent plus home inspector will go over the report and find the best solutions on moving forward with the home. Horsley agents also have great resources for essential workers such a contractors, builders, electricians, plumbers, lawn maintenance and much more. We can help you find a trusted source to use.

In Virginia, the law is to have a well, septic, and termite inspections at sellers expense 30 days before closing.  Once these reports come, you and your agent will go over these to make sure all are serviced and working correctly.

Now you are headed towards closing. The next steps will be getting the power company information so after closing you can have placed in your name. The Propane company, if needed, will be placed in your name, a reading of the propane will be done right before closing and you and your agent plus closing official will go over this for monetary reasons.

Day of closing! You have gotten to this point with the helping hand of your Horsley agent and it is finally time to move forward. Your Horsley agent will be working with you, closing attorneys, and other interested parties to make sure your property becomes your home. Horsley agents are here every step of the way to ensure our clients are happy. We love our community and love making new neighbors and friends with our buyers.

All contracts and terms can vary. It is a great idea to have a Horsley agent represent you through transactions.


  • Lancaster

    Lancaster County... absolutely stunning waterfront, fresh local seafood and beautiful small towns.

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  • Northumberland

    Northumberland County, a Chesapeake Bay treasure in the heart of the Northern Neck

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  • Middlesex

    Beautiful waterways of the Chesapeake Bay, Rappahannock River, Piankatank River, Fishing Bay and many lovely tranquil creeks

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  • Mathews

    Mathews County, known as the land of "Happy homes and fertile farms on smiling waters"

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  • Gloucester

    Gloucester County, the hub of the Middle Peninsula, with many scenic Chesapeake Bay tributaries

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  • Richmond

    In the heart of Northern Neck with miles of frontage on the Rappahannock River, Richmond County has a small town feel with historic charm.

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  • Westmoreland

    Rich in history and the largest county in the Northern Neck with beautiful waterfront on the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers

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  • Essex

    Essex County, a land of pastoral rural beauty along the Rappahannock River

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  • King & Queen

    King and Queen County is off the beaten path, with abundant forests, farmlands, rivers and streams

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  • New Kent

    New Kent County is included in the Greater Richmond Region with 20,000 people, 223 miles of beautiful lands and 14 miles of waterfront primarily on the Chickahominy River and other waterways.

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  • Chesterfield County

    Chesterfield County

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